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MOVIES LIKE Movies Similar to other movies MOVIES LIKE. Movies Similar to other movies. Movies Like Other Movies; OPINION A great selection of movies articles 6 Movies like Finding Forrester: Unlikely Teachers & Mentors 12th Jan 2016 . itcher mag. itcher Mag is the place for entertainment recommendations across movies, books, music and Finding Forrester: Sean Connery, Gus Van Sant Apr 24, 2001 Finding Forrester (2000) - Rotten Tomatoes Dec 20, 2000 Finding Forrester - Wikipedia Finding Forrester is a 2000 American drama film written by Mike Rich and directed by Gus Van Sant.In the film, a black teenager, Jamal Wallace (), is invited to attend a prestigious private high school.By chance, Jamal befriends a reclusive writer, William Forrester (Sean Connery), through whom he refines his talent for writing and comes to terms with his identity.

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Finding Forrester is not the fastest-paced film in the world, nor the most stirring. It is however the most complete portrait of what it means to be a writer that I've seen in a long time.

Similar movies like Finding Forrester (2000) List of Similar movies like Finding Forrester (2000) - School Ties, Two Family House and more | further explore movies tagged under racism, basketball, coming-of-age, drama Movies similar to Finding Forrester - Find Similar Movies If you are looking for movies like Finding Forrester these could be interesting candidates. The closer two names are, the greater the probability the two movies are similar. Movies about prodigies.. like Finding Forrester. Good will Jun 30, 2008 Finding Forrester Times - Movie Tickets + Showtimes | Fandango