Jun 25, 2020 · Firefox CTO Eric Rescorla said that "bringing ISPs into the TRR program helps us protect user privacy online without disrupting existing user experiences," and that Mozilla hopes today's news

Mozilla's Data Privacy Principlesinspire our practices that respect and protect people who use the Internet. Learn how these principles shape Firefox and all of our products in this FAQ. Protect your privacy | Firefox Help - Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing is great for viewing websites without saving things such as cookies, temp files, and a history of the pages you visit. Mixed content blocking in Firefox Firefox automatically blocks insecure or mixed content from secure web pages. We'll explain what that … Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history Open a new Private Window from the Firefox menu Click the menu button and then click New Private Window. The Private Browsing home page will open in a new …

7 Secure Browsers to Protect Your Privacy and Stay Safe

May 09, 2020 Firefox Privacy Guide : privacy In terms of privacy this has the added benefit of someone at or near your computer not seeing anything autocompleted or suggested. Note that Firefox is prevented from making changes to your search engines with browser.search.update = false. Firefox browser privacy features explained | The Firefox

Firefox's Private Browsing lets you browse the Web on your iPhone or iPad without saving your history. Open as many Private Tabs as you'd like, and switch between Private and regular browsing easily.

Feb 07, 2020 How to configure Firefox settings for maximum privacy and