Can websites actually track your IP address when you visit

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Jul 10, 2020

Mar 17, 2014 · [Email your tech questions to]. But it's not as scary as it sounds. Assuming you're using a router (as you should), those web sites can only see the router's IP address, not Jul 11, 2019 · By using IP addresses, websites can track what each user does on their site and what pages they visit. Your IP address can be used to determine your location and is the primary piece of data that will be used to track you. Jul 18, 2020 · Websites also track and record IP addresses to learn which pages are most popular. The site can build on popular pages to increase site traffic. Tracking IP addresses across the site can also reveal traffic leaks. For example, a page that provides information about a product might have a link to a remote site with additional information.

Oct 15, 2017 · With just your mobile IP address, a website can find out all of your billing information, and even your precise location. This has been going on for years, largely behind the scenes – but recently the issue has been re-highlighted and the benefits of hiding your IP address are super clear. Whenever you are using … Continue reading "Visiting websites with your smartphone on mobile data can

On the flip side, our browser history can reveal information to other users what you have been up to and invade your privacy. Furthermore, when we visit websites, data files called cookies are stored that can trace a small amount of our personal information and track our browsing preferences. Your ISP Can Track you & See Browsing History. Here's How Dec 20, 2018